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Industrial Lighting HRGC029

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With its novel design, industrial lighting is available in specific size. Industrial lighting consists of a body made of painted, die cast aluminum alloy, and a cover made of die cast aluminum alloy. It is widely used in industrial plants, stadiums, logistics centers, large retail outlets and interior lighting.
Material: (1) High-pressure die-cast aluminum power box, With strong mechanical properties and thermal performance.
             (2) High purity aluminum reflector, spin forming.
Surface treatment: (1) the aluminum hood surface is polished anodized treatment.
                              (2) The surface of the electrical box after Phosphiding, dry, spray treatment, the corrosion resistance can be strong.
Nominal voltage:220V50Hz
High pressure sodium 150w、250w、400w;
Metal halide lamps 150w、250w、400w;
low Frequency Induction Lamp :80w、120w、150w、200w;
High Frequency induction lamp:85w、135w、165w、200w;
Using Induction light source configuration of aluminum alloy die-casting professional radiator
Protection: Enhanced circular glass with 5mm in diameter, with stainless steel hasp, hinge, silicon rubber ring with a diameter of 2mm cable connections to prevent glass falling.
Seal level: IP23/IP54
Installation: Tube installation、Hook-type installation、Ceiling Installation
Light distribution curve: photo
Size: photo

 Light Distribution Curve




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