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Gardening&Lawn Lighting HRLT5A

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With its novel design, the lamp is available in three different sizes. Several lighting column heights are available depending on the size of the lamp used. The lighting column is made of …….The multiplicity of lighting column heights and lamp sizes provide this range with a large palette of city applications. This lamp is used in elevated bridge、 Municipal trail、Business district、city garden、industrial park, etc
Lamp body: Aluminum alloy die casting to shape
Lampshade: 5mm strengthened flat glass
Fixed body: Stainless steel, the maximum of the fixed poles of the screw is 17NM.
Projected area :The lamp maximum umbriferous area 0.28M2
Surface treatment: Anti-UV RAL series of electrostatic spray and paint handling.
Reflector:Imported fish scales embossing or Light aluminum plate surface reflector
Insulation class:Lamps, electrical integration, design and installation
Class: 1 class
Nominal voltage: 220V50Hz
High pressure sodium 250W、150w、100w;
Energy-saving lamps ,LED
Vertical mounting:110mm×110mm×3mm Industry production
Recommended height: 8m – 12m
Degree of protection: Reflector system, the lamp body IP55 dust and splash protection.
Standard: According to GB700.1-2007、GB7000.5-2005 standards

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