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Gardening&Lawn Lighting HRLT2-5

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HRT2-Lighting、Gardening lamps is a delicate and beautiful lamps. Is a series 9 kinds of style. Three kinds of installation. High seal level. Electrical appliances, the integration of new lighting source products.
Material and surface plating
Lamp shell: Aluminum alloy plate rolling forming
Lamp body: Use GEPlasticspps,PPS Fiber and aluminum alloy Die casting aluminum beam form Lamps subject,sturdy and durable.
Lampshade:. Use Anti-UV PC transparent or Anti-UV translucence Molding impact resistant resisting high lampshade
lamp shade type: (1) PC Perfect Circle transparent /translucence (2)oblate PC transparent /translucence (3)PC cone transparent /translucence (4)5mm strengthened flat glass
Lamp ring type ;(1) Perfect Circle lamp ring (2) hypotenuse lamp ring
Optical system : Aluminum alloy plate electrochemical treatment reflecting system
Installing support : Aluminum alloy die Casting
This lamp is used in Trunk road lighting、Living areas lighting、Garden lighting,
, etc
Use high pressure sodium 100w、150w、250w、400w light source
Adjustable seal snail mouth to adjust radial distribution
Can remove the ballast
Protection class IP66
Electric property 1 class
Three kinds of installation:1) Hoisting installation 2)Horizontal installation3) vertical mounting
Recommended height: 5m – 12m
diameter of mounting recess:hoisting steel tube ?42mm×100mm
                             Horizontal、vertical mounting steel tube ?60mm- ? 76mm×100mm
Adjustable height lamps:0°-20°adjust each time adjust 5°

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