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Gardening&Lawn Lighting HRLT2-4

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HRT2-Lighting、Gardening lamps is a delicate and beautiful lamps. Is a series 9 kinds of style. Three kinds of installation. High seal level. Electrical appliances, the integration of new lighting source products.
Material and surface plating
Lamp shell: Aluminum alloy plate rolling forming
Lamp body: Use GEPlasticspps,PPS Fiber and aluminum alloy Die casting aluminum beam form Lamps subject,sturdy and durable.
Lampshade:. Use Anti-UV PC transparent or Anti-UV translucence Molding impact resistant resisting high lampshade
lamp shade type: (1) PC Perfect Circle transparent /translucence (2)oblate PC transparent /translucence (3)PC cone transparent /translucence (4)5mm strengthened flat glass
Lamp ring type ;(1) Perfect Circle lamp ring (2) hypotenuse lamp ring
Optical system : Aluminum alloy plate electrochemical treatment reflecting system
Installing support : Aluminum alloy die Casting
This lamp is used in Trunk road lighting、Living areas lighting、Garden lighting, etc
Use high pressure sodium 70w、50w light source
Adjustable seal snail mouth to adjust radial distribution
Can remove the ballast
Protection class IP66
Electric property 1 class
Three kinds of installation:1) Hoisting installation 2)Horizontal installation3) vertical mounting
Recommended height: 5m – 12m
diameter of mounting recess:hoisting steel tube ?42mm×100mm
                             Horizontal、vertical mounting steel tube ?60mm- ? 76mm×100mm
Adjustable height lamps:0°-20°adjust each time adjust 5°

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