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Flood Lighting HRF57

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In addition to luminaires for urban lighting, we also offer a complete range of flood lightings. It is widely used in billboards, parks, green things,squares and small buildings and high-rise building three dimensional lighting.
Die cast housing of the high pressure sodium, 5mm thick tempered glass, imports of high-purity aluminum spinning reflective. Surface through electrostatic spray, beautiful and durable. anti-oxidation treatment, uniform illumination, high reflectivity. Die casting aluminum body, steel bracket. Reflector is in pure aluminum, stainless steel external nuts and screws. Behind the open devices, it is easy to maintenance and replacement the bulbs. Lamps with a scale plate adjustable illumination angle. Apply to Heat-resistant silicon rubber seal ring. Lamps, electrical integration, attractive appearance, it is easy to install.
Operating voltage: 220-240V/50Hz
Max Watt: 250-1000w
Lamp:MH(250—1000W)E40, HPS(250-1000W)E40
Tempered glass: heat-proof, crash-proof.
Available in class1.IP65
Light distribution curve: photo
Size: photo






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