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Flood Lighting HRF2000

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In addition to luminaires for urban lighting, we also offer a complete range of flood lightings . It is widely used in stadium, professional football, large indoor playground lighting places.
Die casting aluminum boby , Lamps, High pressure sodium aluminum forming shell,5mm tempered glass. High purity aluminium reflex plate. Small volume, light weight, beautiful modeling. open-type behind replacement bulbs, to adjust the illuminate Angle. Maintainable. On both sides of the lamps with the index plate, convenient adjustment illuminate Angle. Special built-in sunshield type, that cast light beam concentrated, reduce light pollution caused by astigmatism. fit OSRAM Professional high power supply.
Operating voltage: 220-240V/50Hz
Max Watt: 1000w
Lamp:HQI-TS 1000W/D/S
Tempered glass :heat-proof, crash-proof
Reflector in pure aluminum
Steel bracket
Stainless steel external nuts and screws
Heat-resistant silicon rubber seal ring
Available in class1.IP65
Light distribution curve: photo
Size: photo

 Light Distribution Curve



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