OFweek semiconductor lighting Reuters health needs of residents in recent years to enhance the quality and economic income levels driven by the rapid development of the field of operating room equipment, new equipment after another, manufacturers increasingly fierce competition.

Draeger The launch of the operating theater shadowless LED-based technology is bound to further promote this competition. The shadowless lamp can provide spectral range with uniform light similar to natural light for surgery and endoscopic surgery, the focus can be achieved without deep cavity illumination, and the service life of up to 30,000 hours, nearly 15 times more than halogen lamps.

Draeger Greater China sales director Lixin Shen said that, Draeger Medical lighting as the world's leading suppliers of equipment, has been committed to the development of new medical lighting technology, the Polaris100/200 series of product launches, making it more Chinese customers have the ability to enjoy these high-tech, for a variety of surgical providing quality technical support, and to improve the quality of surgery, especially small and medium-scale hospital surgical quality will make a significant contribution, and ultimately improve patient satisfaction.

From a technical point of view indicators, Polaris200 outer diameter of 620mm, a total of 66 integrated led street light manufacturers, the maximum brightness can reach 160klux. Polaris100 CPC integrated 48 LED lights - the same diameter as Polaris200 - maximum brightness can reach 120klux. Both models are dimmable 40klux. In endoscopic surgery, required by the additional LED lights provide ambient light, while the main lights will be turned off.

Each LED lights are embedded in a special lens reflector system to gather light. Eventually, a uniform beam diameter of 200mm, 750mm to provide illumination depth (60% of the maximum intensity of the L1 + L2). Polaris100 and Polaris200 focus adjustment can be repeated without providing deep cavity illumination.

In terms of color reproduction, when a color temperature of 5,600 K when (equivalent to noon of natural light), Polaris100 and Polaris200 are guaranteed to provide more real contrast and natural color, allowing the doctor to get the most for dissecting tissue intuitive understanding, obtain the most accurate diagnostic results.

Temperature control, according to data provided by Draeger, according to its own R & D thermal control system, in a long time, you can make sure the lamp temperature does not exceed 35 degrees Celsius.

On the overall strength of purpose, Draeger the release of the new breakthrough lighting product line of its original single type of update speed lag shackles to new led supermarkets light fully backward products, made no small progress. And new in life, color control, cost control, etc. have a good performance, its market performance worth the wait.